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LCA - Building and exploiting the Service Management System

  Lindau (Bodensee), June 1, 2012

Lea-Cox & Associates (LCA), a partner of IT Process Maps GbR based in the UK, has just released an upgraded and special set of services and products which are designed to help organizations build and exploit their Service Management System (SMS) to maximum advantage.
LCA website - Service Management System SMS

LCA focuses on helping its customers to enhance their capabilities in three main areas:

In parallel with developing the Service Management System, LCA helps their customers to establish appropriate standards and an architecture for developing and maintaining Business Services, especially for Service Definition and Design. An important focus is to optimize the value of a service relative to its cost and to minimize the risk associated with operating that service. LCA use a number of powerful techniques to do this.

LCA uses the ITIL Process Map to help build the Service Management System for its customers. In particular, the company provides a consistent and easy framework for adapting the ITIL process templates to the demands of their customer's business and their chosen IT Service Management computer systems.

CEO Trevor Lea-Cox says: "The quality and ease with which we can adapt the ITIL Process Map is a major benefit for us. They make identifying and building a Service Management System relatively easy. This, combined with relevant Service architecture standards and facilities at the business and systems levels, provides our customers with a capability of immense power".

Lea-Cox & Associates has been working with IT Process Maps for several years now and is responsible for maintaining the ITIL Process Map Service Management architecture and ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge on IBM® Rational® System Architect®. In early 2011, IBM awarded this product the prestigious "Ready for Rational" accreditation.

Background information on Service Management Systems and related concepts, as well as detailed descriptions of the services and products on offer can be found on LCA's web site.


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