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A recording of our popular ITIL webinars

  Lindau (Bodensee), November 23, 2016

Best practice for IT service providers: The webinar on ITIL and the ITIL Process Map is also available in an on-demand version.
On-demand webinar: ITIL and the ITIL Process Map

For many years we have been conducting live webinars about ITIL and the ITIL Process Map over the internet - and of course we still offer these webinars every two weeks or so;

You can sign up here!

But our timing may not fit in with your schedule, or maybe you want to see the webinar instantly. For such cases we have now created a recorded version of the ITIL webinar that you can watch at any time:

Recording | Webinar: ITIL and the ITIL Process Map (33 min.).

Contents of the webinar

Stefan Kempter will walk you through the ITIL Process Map and explain how your organization can use the ITIL process and document templates to introduce ITSM best practice according to ITIL 2011.

We present examples of the process diagrams, so you get a good impression of their layout and the information contained on every level of detail.

Other topics covered in the ITIL webinar include:

If you have any questions or need more information about the ITIL process model, please drop us a line!


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