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ITIL Process Map for iGrafx®

  Lindau (Bodensee), May 14, 2012

The 2011 edition of our ITIL process model for iGrafx® is now available in English and German.
The ITIL 2011 solution for iGrafx

As part of our efforts to bring all versions of our ITIL process model in line with the latest edition of ITIL 2011, we have now completed work on the iGrafx® solution.

All process templates and checklists have been adapted to ITIL 2011, which often meant introducing substantial changes. At the same time, our ISO 20000 compliance tool for iGrafx® (the "ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge") has been aligned with the new edition of ISO/IEC 20000:2011 Part 1 (published in June 2011).

Apart from upgrading the contents, the update project was also a good opportunity to modernize the layout of the iGrafx® diagrams (we think that process models should contain correct information - and also look attractive to encourage their use within the organization).

Last but not least, we have introduced more flexibility to the repository feature, an iGrafx® macro that allows to store object information in a simple Excel workbook. With the latest version, you are now able to customize the object definitions and add your own custom data fields.

Learn more about the ITIL solution for iGrafx®:

Highlights: ITIL Process Map for iGrafx

  • ITIL Service Lifecycle (ITIL V3 2011 Edition): 100% compatible (covers Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement)
Design Flowcharts in typical iGrafx notation illustrate the ITIL processes and provide a reference that can be easily understood and maintained:
  • Intuitive, clear-cut layout in four levels of detail
  • Navigable (linked shapes allow drill-downs to more detailed views or jumps to peer processes)
  • Fully customizable iGrafx flowcharts.
Special features for iGrafx® Flowcharter®/ Process™
  • Specifically designed to make optimal use of iGrafx® Flowcharter®/ Process™, featuring an ITIL-specific iGrafx shape library
  • User-friendly Excel repository and custom repository macro to maintain a central repository of objects used in the process diagrams
  • RACI matrix in Excel format.

Contents in Detail: ITIL process model for iGrafx®

ITIL reference process models for iGrafx

Process diagrams in four layers of detail illustrate the interrelationships of the ITIL processes and allow drilling down into the process details:

iGrafx ITIL Model Service Lifecycle
Level 0: The ITIL Service Lifecycle

The ITIL service lifecycle stages and their interrelationships on one single page. This is the main entry point into the iGrafx process model.


iGrafx ITIL Model Core
Level 1: A process model for each ITIL service lifecycle stage

A set of 5 diagrams for each stage of the ITIL service lifecycle, illustrating the ITIL big picture.


iGrafx ITIL Model Main Processes
Level 2: ITIL main processes

A set of 24 overview diagrams for the ITIL main processes (e.g. Change Management). These iGrafx diagrams show on one single page what an ITIL process is about. From here, the user is able to open detailed process diagrams on the sub-process level using hyperlinks.


iGrafx ITIL Model Flowcharts
Level 3: ITIL process details

The ITIL Process Map for iGrafx includes 126 detailed process flowcharts for all ITIL sub-processes. These ITIL models contain

ITIL RACI matrix

An ITIL RACI matrix illustrates the participation of the ITIL roles in the various ITIL processes:

iGrafx ITIL RACI Matrix
RACI matrix in Excel format

Our ITIL RACI matrix comes in the form of an Excel table. This makes it easy for you to adapt the matrix to the specific needs of your organization.

Additional iGrafx reference models

Additional diagrams provide direct access to all processes and sub-processes and an overview of the shape types used in the iGrafx process model:

iGrafx ITIL Model Processes
ITIL process index

For each ITIL stage, all processes and sub-processes are depicted in a hierarchical way on one single page. All process diagrams are directly accessible from this page via links.


ITIL iGrafx Model Legend

A legend page explains the different types of shapes used in the ITIL model.

ITIL checklists and document templates

Many Data Object shapes in the process diagrams are linked to "checklists" which provide more details on these objects - and can often be used as templates. All in all, there are more than 100 ITIL checklists and document templates in Microsoft Word™ format, explaining all important ITIL process outputs in detail.

iGrafx ITIL Checklists

A checklist "Incident Record" is provided as part of the Incident Management process, to explain the structure of the data typically contained in an Incident Record. You can use this checklist as a template when you start creating Incident Records in your own organization.

Accompanying documentation to the iGrafx ITIL Process Map

Additional documents help you getting started with ITIL and the ITIL process models for iGrafx.

iGrafx ITIL Introduction
Introduction to ITIL and the ITIL process model

This document contains a brief introduction to ITIL and explains how the ITIL process model was created from the ITIL books.


iGrafx ITIL Model Implementation
ITIL implementation guide

ITIL implementation projects are characterized by a typical course of action, independent of the size and type of the organization. This made it feasible to devise a time-tested project blueprint which can serve as a guideline for a wide range of ITIL initiatives.


iGrafx ITIL Model Metrics
ITIL process metrics (key performance indicators - KPIs)

Process owners use objective quality criteria to assess whether their processes are running "well". To support the selection of suitable KPIs, the ITIL Process Map for iGrafx contains a choice of suitable metrics for the most important ITIL processes.


iGrafx ITIL Model PDF
Quick references

Additional documents provide quick access to the following information:


ITIL process outputs and inputs
Process outputs and inputs

Tables in Excel format show the outputs and inputs for every process on the lowest level of detail. Users can create specific views on this information by applying filters and/or sorting.

Resources and further reading

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