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The ITIL Process Map now with official ITIL Licence

  Lindau (Bodensee), August 7, 2011

The ITIL® Process Map has successfully passed a thorough review by APMG, resulting in the awarding of the "ITIL® Licensed Product" logo.
ITIL Licensed Product

APM Group issues sub-licences for the re-use of OGC's trade marks, including ITIL®. The Trade Mark Licensing Scheme includes a logo which is available to organizations or individuals entering into a licensing agreement and successfully passing a product review.

The ITIL® Process Map and its add-on for ISO 20000 projects (the "ITIL® - ISO 20000 Bridge") has been awarded the "ITIL® Licensed Product" logo under this scheme.

For our customers this means additional reassurance, since a qualified independent assessor has verified the technical quality and correctness of our products, as well as its alignment with the principles of OGC best practice guidance.


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