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New: ITIL V3 Processes in Holocentric

  Lindau (Bodensee), September 5, 2010

IT Process Maps teamed up with Sydney-based Holocentric and ESP-ITPM to port our acclaimed ITIL V3 Process Model onto the Holocentric® Modeler and Modelpedia environment.
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Holocentric, founded in 2003, is a privately-owned Australian software company which develops and markets multi-dimensional organisational modelling tools.

The company’s flagship solutions, Holocentric™ Modeler and Modelpedia, enable organisations to create a comprehensive model of their people, systems and processes, and all the interdependencies between them. With offices in Sydney and Canberra, Holocentric has customers in government, financial services, retail, infrastructure and distribution.

At IT Process Maps, we first learned about Holocentric when one of their Australian customers stood at the beginning of a Service Management initiative and had their hearts set on using the ITIL Process Map as an accelerator. This paved the way for a partnership with Holocentric and the creation of the ITIL Process Map for Holocentric™.

Special thanks to our customers who helped to kick-start the product development, and to Derek, Bruce and Simon of Holocentric as well as Allen of ESP-ITPM for their invaluable help in bringing the ITIL Process Map for Holocentric™ into being.


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