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Webinar: ITIL and service management processes for BIC Process Design

  Lindau (Bodensee), November 1, 2023

We have just completed the latest version of our service management process model: The YaSM Process Map for BIC Process Design®. Join Stefan Kempter from IT Process Maps for a webinar, to learn more about the benefits of using the YaSM® process templates for BIC in your organization!

The YaSM model provides guidance for service management processes based on established best practices and standards such as ITIL® / ITIL 4, ISO 20000, FitSM, SIAM, VeriSM, etc. YaSM has a streamlined, clear and consistent structure that it is easy to read. It is not presented as an extensive theoretical work, but as a set of process diagrams and document templates.

BIC, in turn, features a modern, easy-to-use process portal where organizations model, analyze and optimize their workflows. It is a popular BPM tool used by organizations of all types and sizes.

The YaSM Process Map is therefore the perfect means to give everyone in your organization a good understanding of service management best practices.

To introduce the process model, a live webinar was hosted on October 2023 by GBTEC Software AG, the provider of the BIC Platform®.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend this live event, we will be happy to arrange an individual webinar for you with Stefan Kempter from IT Process Maps.

Webinar: ITIL and Service Management Processes for BIC Process Design by GBTEC Software AG. How companies and public administration use the BIC BPM Tool and the BIC Process Portal to implement ITIL / ITIL 4 and YaSM initiatives. Webinar / video.

In the web meeting you can discuss your questions about the contents and technical details of the YaSM® Process Map.

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