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How to implement ITIL in 10 Steps - Infographic

  Lindau (Bodensee), July 1, 2013

What needs to be considered when planning an ITIL project? How can I assign the available resources in an economical way? Is there a tried and tested approach to implementing ITIL?
Infographic: ITIL Implementation Project Course in 10 Steps

We created an infographic based on our "ITIL implementation guide" which describes how to set up and carry out ITIL projects, ITSM projects or ISO20000 initiatives.

The graphic breaks the task of implementing ITIL down into 10 manageable steps:

  1. Preparing the ITIL project
  2. Defining the service structure
  3. Selecting ITIL roles and role owners
  4. Analyzing the as-is processes: ITIL assessment
  5. Defining the to-be process structure
  6. Defining the process interfaces
  7. Establishing process control
  8. Designing the processes in detail
  9. Selecting and implementing ITSM application systems
  10. Implementing the ITIL processes and training

Click to view the full ITIL infographic   |   Source: IT Process Wiki



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