ITIL Process Map for Microsoft Visio: Excel Repository

The Excel® repository feature is a component of the ITIL® Process Map for Visio® which makes your task of designing and documenting your ITIL processes considerably easier.

It removes some of the shortcomings which are associated with using Visio® as a tool for managing business processes - as compared to more powerful process management applications.

Introduction: Excel repository included in the ITIL Process Map

ITIL Excel Repository feature

The Excel® repository included in the ITIL Process Map is a central place where to store and manage all descriptive information and link data for the process, data object and role shapes in the process diagrams.

Excel ITIL Processes

For example, the Excel repository contains a worksheet named "Process", where you will find one row for each process defined in the ITIL Process Map. Each row contains a number of cells which hold the processes' unique IDs, their names, objectives, assignments to a main process, reference tag, and link information. The repository feature reads this information from the Excel worksheet and writes it into attributes of the Visio shapes - you can see it in the shapes' "shape data" (or "custom properties") window.

Excel ITIL Toolbar

A custom Visio add-in allows you to pick entries from the repository and load the corresponding data into a shape's attributes, or to refresh one or several selected shapes' data with a single mouse-click after data in the repository has changed.

Like the Visio process models, the Excel repository is customizable. For example, you can change existing processes, data objects and roles, or you can add new ones.

Live demo: Usage examples

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The best way to quickly understand the advantages of our ITIL Excel repository feature is to see it in action.

Start a video with a real-world example of how the repository supports the adaptation of the ITIL process diagrams to the needs of your organization (10:01 min).


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