Product Videos: ITIL Process Map

Want to see the ITIL® Process Map in action? Do it right here!

On this page you'll find a number of videos which explain the contents of the ITIL process model and how it supports your ITIL® or ISO 200000 initiative.

We tried to keep the video clips short to a few minutes. If you have more time and want a complete introduction to the ITIL Process Map, you can also watch a full recorded webinar (33 min.) - or consider joining a live ITIL webinar.

Introduction: ITIL Process Map

Main Demo: ITIL Templates - ITIL Processes

See why the ITIL Process Map is a vastly better alternative to wordy documentation, providing a reference that can be easily understood by anyone in your organization.

This video is based on the Visio® version of the ITIL Process Map (the ITIL process models for other platforms like ARIS™ or iGrafx® offer the same content but are adapted to those platforms' specific strengths).

ITIL RACI matrix

Demo: ITIL RACI Matrix

Our ITIL RACI Matrix provides a summary of the ITIL roles and their levels of responsibility in the various ITIL processes.

It comes in different formats, depending on the product platform: This video presents the matrix in Excel® format, which is included in the Visio® and iGrafx® versions of the ITIL Process Map. The ARIS™ version contains an ARIS RACI matrix (a built-in ARIS diagram type).

Navigating the ITIL process model

Demo: Navigating the ITIL process model

There are hundreds of diagrams and documents in the ITIL Process Map, and literally thousands of links.

In this short video Stefan Kempter shows you a couple of recommended ways of moving around in the ITIL process model.

Adapting the ITIL processes to your organization's needs

Video: ITIL Templates

The ITIL Process Map is not meant to be used in read-only mode - it provides you with a set of ITIL templates plus the means to adapt those original ITIL processes to your organization's needs.

This demo shows some techniques for working with the Visio® ITIL templates, including the usage of a simple Excel® repository for managing all central object information of your ITIL Process Model.

The ITIL Process Map for Visio and SharePoint®

Demo: ITIL, Visio & SharePoint

Some of our customers use Microsoft® SharePoint® for managing their ITIL process diagrams and sharing them throughout their organizations.

In this video we demonstrate how you can use the ITIL process model for Visio in combination with SharePoint.

ITIL templates for your ISO 20000 initiative

Video: ISO 20000 Processes

The ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge offers a completely new and more efficient approach to obtaining ISO 20000 certification, by linking up the ITIL processes and documents of our reference model with all 147 ISO 20000 requirements.

Learn how the ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge gets your ISO 20000 initiative started and helps you with keeping track of your progress towards ISO 20000 compliance.

ITIL webinar

Video: Webinar on the ITIL Process Map

What is the ITIL Process Map and how does it support your ITIL or ISO 20000 initiative?

If you don't have the time or the opportunity to participate in one of our interactive webinars right now but still would like to get that information, you can watch the recorded version of the ITIL webinar.

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