Partners and Associations

We cooperate with the following partners and organizations:


Aurora Red Technology, Inc., USA

IT Process Maps Partner: Aurora Red Technology, Inc. Michael M. Bardeh, the president of Aurora Red Technology (until 2013: Bardeh IT Consulting), is an IT service management consultant with extensive experience in application development, database design, management information systems and service management in industries such as telecommunication, IT consulting, automotive and new technologies.

Aurora Red Technology is our distribution partner in the USA and Canada.


IMedge Ltd. | Trevor Lea-Cox, UK

IT Process Maps Partner: Lea-Cox and Associates IMedge limited focuses on intangible asset management and service management, especially at the business product and service level. It evolved out of the LCA Lea-Cox and Associates consultancy.


FocusCentre, UK

IT Process Maps Partner: FocusCentre FocusCentre is an independent company whose aim is to help all types of organization to improve their business processes.

Its projects cover a wide variety of topics, including IT, networking, strategy, marketing support, outsourcing, mentoring, CRM and many others.

FocusCentre is our distribution partner in the UK and Ireland.


Implement Consulting Group P/S, Denmark

IT Process Maps Partner: Implement Consulting Group Implement is the largest Danish-owned management consulting company in Denmark, with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The IT management department in Implement helps clients with their IT Service Management challenges as well as other business and management challenges within IT.

Implement Consulting Group is our distribution partner in the Nordic Countries.


Ernst Fichtner, Austria

IT Process Maps Partner: Ernst Fichtner, Primero Ernst Fichter, MAS, is the creator of PRIMERO, a web-based software solution that is easy to use and brings clarity to the business processes in your organization.

In addition, Ernst Fichtner supports the deployment of PRIMERO and offers consulting services in the areas of knowledge management and collaborative software development.

Ernst Fichtner is our development partner for the ITIL Process Map for PRIMERO™.


Juan Jiménez, USA/ Germany

IT Process Maps Partner: Juan Jimenez Juan Jiménez is an independent consultant with 35 years experience, primarily in the IT industry but also in aerospace and journalism, among others.

Juan is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and provides training, consulting, advanced translation and process improvement services worldwide in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


ProServ, Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates

IT Process Maps Partner: ProServ ProServ is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has subsidiaries in several countries throughout the Middle East.

The ProServ team consists of experts with long-standing experience in the field of process excellence. Its main focus is on process design, analysis and optimization based on established frameworks like ITIL, Six Sigma, CMMI and Total Quality Management.

ProServ is our distribution partner in the Middle East.


Organizations and sponsors

itSMF Deutschland e.V., Germany

IT Process Maps Partner: itSMF Deutschland itSMF Deutschland e.V. - the German chapter of the itSMF (IT Service Management Forum) - is an independent, not-for-profit organization of IT Service Management professionals in Germany.


International Best Practice Institute, The Netherlands

IT Process Maps Partner: IBPI The International Best Practice Institute (IBPI) provides information and free data on frequently referenced key standards and frameworks on IT management and related domains, such as IT Service Management, IT Governance, and Business Process Management.


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