ITIL Process Map also for MS Visio™ 2013

[Pfronten, 06 March 2013]

The ITIL Process Map is ready for Microsoft Visio™ 2013

As you may have noticed, Microsoft has recently published the latest edition of Visio™ 2013. The ITIL Process Map (2011 Edition) can be used with this new version of Visio™.


AddIn: ITIL Visio 2013

Updated version of the ITIL Visio add-in

The Visio™ add-in included in the ITIL Process Map (the "ITIL Repository Feature") had to be updated to be compatible with Visio™ 2013.

The new add-in is compatible with all combinations of Visio™ 2010 or 2013 and Windows 7, or 8 and offers exactly the same functionality as the previous one.


Recommendations for our existing customers

The good news for our customers is that the process diagrams of the ITIL Process Map do not need to be adapted to work with the new edition of Visio™.

As for the add-in, we recommend that you keep the previous version installed as long as you do not switch to Visio™ 2013, since the latest version of the add-in offers no new functionality.

So you need to take action only once you start using Visio™ 2013.


Request a free update of the add-in

If you are an existing customer, you may receive the latest version of the ITIL Visio™ add-in, including an updated user manual, free of charge.

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